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First sunny days!

Whazzup! Summer is almost here and you can feel it! Its so cool to have those sunny days that makes you wanna-go out and skate! ..and maybe have some chill after-session beers with the homies! Las month we took the skates back -as the snow season was over- and it was so cool to have […]

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OG Edit!!

It’s ON! Not so far ago Beau Cottington (OG blader/Filmer) started a Facebook “OG Bladers” group, so all the old pros from back in the day could stay in touch with what’s going on with everyone’s life and to comment our vision of the industry nowadays. Well, as most of us still rollerblade he started […]

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One Love DVD is here!

Its on! The long awaited True Love DVD is here! an Awesome movie of the One Love Team (Razors, Rmz & GC Spain) I would say; more than a Team its a FAMILY. I didn’t get to film enough to get a full profile but I’m pretty happy anyway to get some clips and some […]

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Rollerblading season starts!

Ski season is over and its time to take the rollerblades back! We made a lil trip to Zargagoza with some friends to skate/party and take some shoots. Back to Madrid Niko and I went to shoot a picture for BFLife and I had a bad fail and crashed with my head… :S Lucky for […]

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Snow season 2012 ending…

We spent the last days of the season in Formigal with our friends and hanging out and having a good time. Like every single year there was a snow storm just to close up the season and we barely skied but we had the chance to try a trick I had been in my mind […]

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