Brazilian Trip!

So, somehow I switched job project and I ended up starting 2013 getting into a Brazilian work trip! Sick experience!
As you may know apart from blading/skiing I’m also and engineer and been working for a year now, so pretty happy with this opportunity even though I had to take a break from skiing, now that’s dumping so hard all over the Pyrenees.
Cool that I got some time to do some tourism, dinners with Fab and Rafa Lima, lil party @ Vila Madalena (sick spot) and whatching the Winter Xgames.
Pretty cool trip. I think I’ll be back soon.
By the way, my friends from Madrid made me a “bye bye party” and here are some funny pics too :)

… and also I wanted to share a video with you wich really got me pumped while watching the Xgames in the hotel. Freeskier Hernik Harlaut making history by landing a butter triple cork 1620ยบ, and here is a video “behind the scenes” with a huge motivation. This is the freestyle soul. Good job man

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