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True Love DVD Trailer

Last summer we spent an Epic week with the One Love Riders Team filming for the newest DVD called “True Love”. Finally the Trailer is out! …you can guess how. Summer + Friends + Fun sessions = THIS is Rollerblading! The DVD will be out with the issue 11 of ABEC Roll Fanzine.

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“A day in the ninja life” edit

Last weekend Gabby and I spend one more day @ Formipark and we decided to film a “day in the life of a ninja” edit, as we are allways kidding with the “ninja stuff”. So this is the result of an Epic Sunny day. The last clip is hilarious… c ya! -BF-

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Engineering Dregree!

I finally finished my school studies @ the Deusto University and last weekend I went back to Bilbao to be and the ceremony and celebrate our degree. Here there are some funny pics See ya! -BF-

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Filming for ATS! PrimeTime videocontest!

Already filming for the ATS! PrimeTime Videocontest! Hope to see a good edit coming out from the Reckling Media Factory! See ya! -BF-

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