Contest time!

So, back to the blog! It’s been a while since I last posted but I’ve been a couple of weeks out on springbreak vacation and didn’t get the time (didn’t want to find it either..)
Tought vacation Life haha

So a couple of weeks ago there was the FTP contest in Formigal, the most important comp of the season in my home mountain. Luka, Pako, Joel, Noah, Allan and lost of friends from Andorra and other resorts came over, apart from the locals; Gabby, Quique, Eukeni, and the OSK crew …
Was an epic day and superfun session (+partying hah)
Advanced 3rd into finals (behind ┬┤Noah and Luka, wich is already like winning for me haha) but screwed it up and ended up 4th. BUT got awarded with the best trick of the contest with a switch 1080 mute, wich I stomped somehow in the run! Pretty happy with it.
Also I would like to mention a couple of other best tricksthat could have for sure get that award anyway:

    – Gabby & Quique misty out on the scary pole Jump
    – Luka disaster 4in2out on the kink rail or sickest switch 2in lipess2out on the stairs rail
    – Noah lipess 2in tailpress style on the stairs rail.
    – Pako sickest unnatural sw5corks

That afternoon there was another jib event by the Grajos Bar, but we were all dead already.
Definelly was a sick comp with the homies and a fun party with everyone in Formigal.

And the second comp from last month was the “Best trick Ever contest” by Rockstar. So much level with the frenchies killing it, plus Andorra locals.
Advanced to finals in top6 but screwed up again in finals trying a sw10mute on the big one, overrotated to 12, but pretty happy to try a sw10 on such a huge jump.
Here you have some pics from those weekend.
Javi, Luka, Pako, Gilillo, Allan; Thanks for inviting us!

FTP Contest Results:
1ro: Noah Albadalejo
2nd: Pako Benguerel
3rd: Luka Melloni – Cork9 blun
Best Trick Borja Fernandez – Sw10mute.

Rockstar comp Results:
1ro: Pablo Schweizeister – Switch10 mute.
2nd: Noah Albadalejo – rodeo9 mute
3rd: Luka Melloni – Cork9 blunt

Here is an FTP contest recap we mada for the ATS! freeskier site:

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