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So, for the last two weekends we finally had some good weather and some cool park to throw some tricks in. I took a week off and went to Formigal just to chill and I got a call from Javi Vega to film a comercial for Movistar; we joined with Formigal Teammates and we got dressed up of Barcelona Football Club Soccer team and had to go downhill hitting a ball with skis and snow. Awesome, and super fun!

Next day we took the camera crew (the Flycam guys had an octocopter… so sick!) and went to hit this MASSIVE road gap in Sarrios. My ninjamate Gabby hit that thing first and them myself. I went out the day before and I was super hangover, so on the first hit I almost kill myself. Then Mikel Gorraiz & Borja -Muffin- Azurmendi also tryed. Mikel no prob, and Muffin landed no his back. He was ok. We don’t have the footage yet, but we’ll hope to see it soon.

Then I went back to Madrid the day before and just showed up and Martin’s byebye party and he’s moving to Miami for a while. Nobody was really surprised at all as everyone spected me to appear even though I had no ride back from Formigal, but ok, I made it and it was an awsome night.
Next weekend just took it chill skiing with my cousins. Alvaro brought me an awesome “EME’s Sandwich” from Bilbao, which everyone who knows them, knows what I’m talking about… 😉 stoked.
And also Saturday Night there was the Petruso Night Session “Freekiss”, with a lil jump and a quarter pipe. Super fun with all the homies and somehow I ended up qualifing 1rst for nex weekends jib finals.
Sicks days, loving this lifestyle!
Peace out!
Movistar commercial we Filmed:

Petruso Freestyle Days Night session:

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