Granada trip!

Winter is coming! Temperatures have dropped down like crazy and you can feel it! So we decided that the “Sparoll contest” in Granada was a good option to head down south looking for some warm to skate. We booked a hostel meeting up the Malaga guys. Along with Martin, Gabby, Marce (who said he had no money to came and the day after showed up in Granada) and Sito who came all the way down from Bilbao. 7 rollerbladers sharing a room. This was gonna be Epic.
So we arrived on friday afternoon and skated a bit. Then meet up with Tatty and some friends from Granada to have some tapas & beers and ended up joining Uani, Mora and Marce partying like “there was no tomorrow” haha. Next day, go out see the city, more tapas & beers, go see the comp. Skate a bit and more madnesh. Big laughts. Awesome time seeing everyone, rollerblading & partying. That was pretty much the recap. Love this trips! Hope to go back to Granada soon, an awesome city full nice spots and beautiful girls everywhere!

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