Spanish Championships 2nd x2!

So this year I talked with the Basque federation and decided to head over Sierra Nevada for the Spanish Championships. Super fun trip meeting up with homies Javi Vega aka Tronista, young Quique Salvador who actually won the Slopestyle comp, and Oscar Oronoz. The judging was kind of sketchy (Javi got screwed and didn’t make […]

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Furgo Tour 2013

So, it’s been a while since I take the blog back so I’ll keep it short this time. Furgotour 2013 summer vacation tour video! Hope you guys like it!

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Summertime Trips!

So here we go, back to the blog-mode! Summer has been awesome so far with lots of trips, skating and good plans with friends. As -unfortunately- I lost my old GoPro cam last ski season, I couldn’t hold myself to buy a new one for this trips. (so I can share some footage) You should […]

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Rollerblading summer time!

Weather its getting warmer and feels like summertime! Time to take the skates back for some good sessions with friends. As Marce was still recovering from his big crash we went a couple of days around the hood to find some fun spots. We skated some little rails and a couple of ledges… and eventually […]

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OG Blading Edit v2

Not so long ago my good friend and OG Ambassador Beau Cottington put us together in a FB group to stay in touch and convice us to send him clips and to made the firs OG Edit happen. Now he did it again and here is the 2nd version. Hope you guys like it! Here […]

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