Sitos visit!

I fucking love having friends come visiting! This time my good friend Sito decided to come over while I was in Valladolid. Have some sessions there and go to Madrid for some move skating/summer partying. We meet up with Noe & Brass (Valladolid locals) and went to this Bridge that looked awesome for some pics. […]

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Rural Half-pipe Trip!

My friend Martin came up with the idea of hiting a dream spot he heard of. He had seen it on some BMX videos and somehow got the directions to get there. We wanted to go so bad and finally we organized a day-trip to check that spot out. It was like an hour trip […]

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Having fun!

Even though I have to spend the summer here in Madrid (no vacation-time this year…) it doesn’t mean It has to be bad… Summertime means less time working journey, more relaxed, so I’m take every second out of work to go out and do stuff. Last month we went out for some street&park skating with […]

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Tetuan photosession

Hi again! This time Walter (Rmz), good friend of mine from Vitoria, came over to Madrid for some showroom stuff with his snowboard shop. I talked with him and told him he could stay in my house for the weekend so we could skate and some party together. So we meet up with George Romila […]

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Valladolid trip

For the last couple of weeks I had to go to Valladolid for a work-trip and I get to meet some locals there that took me out for some park/street sessions. Thanks a lot to Noe, Brass, Juan, Gelo & all the locals that made me feel at home! See you guys soon!

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