Rollerblading summer time!

Weather its getting warmer and feels like summertime!

Time to take the skates back for some good sessions with friends. As Marce was still recovering from his big crash we went a couple of days around the hood to find some fun spots. We skated some little rails and a couple of ledges… and eventually we found a sick kink rails wich Marce couldn’t wait to skate and nailed it.

This is pretty much how we started the summertime, street sessions with him, Martin, George Romila, Tama and Martin Bandera, etc shooting pics and filming a little. Spend some time in th terrace and going to the pool to stay fresh. Also as everyone is leaving for vacation time, its a good excuse for friends (family-called here) dinners and hangouts as we’ll probbably wont see them back again until the end of the summer.

My roomie Deivid also orgnized a “capea” with his work-mates -wich I always join every time they do something- and it was super fun; rural environment and little bullfighting time! so sick.

Not to forget after a couple of weeks of skating, Marce decided to go back to the spot where he got hurt; Puerta de Toledo. A 3-metres-high rolling to square flat rail wich was pretty scary to drop from. After a few tries landing and falling backwards he nailed it perfect with a royale to mute 180 out. Got a couple of pics with my iphone haha

Hope you guys are having a great summer!

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