Summertime Trips!

So here we go, back to the blog-mode!
Summer has been awesome so far with lots of trips, skating and good plans with friends. As -unfortunately- I lost my old GoPro cam last ski season, I couldn’t hold myself to buy a new one for this trips. (so I can share some footage) You should be happy with that haha.

Anyway, so before jumping on route in the “FurgoTour” we and a couple of weekend trips to Malaga and Gijon.

The Málaga one was sick but short, its always good to have some beach time with Uani, Javi, Yasin and co and some skating. Even Sito came all the way from Bilbao just for this little trip. Malaga is always fun.

Then, the next weekend we organized a little trip to Gijon to visit Rober and skate Woodguay indoor park, a skater-owned indoor park wich was so fun. We even made a little edit from that day. Rober also took us to “Lavaderu street” to have some sidras and it was a hell of fun learning how to serve them. Thanks a lot Rober for hosting us and being the man!

Here you have the Edit and some pics.
Enjoy 😉

PS.- BTW here is the first GoProHD3 Test you may like 😉 Borja Flat9 test

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